Medical Aesthetics

All treatments are administered by a qualified, licensed medical professional

Botox ® Used to soften deep facial lines.
Also, effective for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), migraines and TMJ (jaw clenching).
R76 per unit
Juvederm – Volux, Voluma, Volift A dermal facial filler to lift, smooth, or plump your way to subtle results, also for nose refinement & chin enhancement From R370 per unit
Teosyal Puresense Redensity Dermal filler to restore hydration and tone – specifically under the eyes From R700 per treatment
Threads An easy way to smooth wrinkles and tighten sagging skin From R220 per thread
Sclero Therapy A medical procedure to treat spider veins From R960 per treatment
Hair Restoration A combination of treatment with Minoxidil 5% – doctor’s consult essential From R800 per treatment
IV Infusions Specialised ingredients for specific conditions Price on request
Doctor’s Consult  Where advice for any of the above treatments are required, without a treatment R600


PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy)

Treatment for solar keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions) with the specialised Omnilux LED lamp Price on Request
PDT Rejuvenation – for anti-aging R290 per treatment
PDT – treatment for inflammation, bruising & healing R290 per treatment
PDT – Course of 3 of the above 2 treatments (when paid and booked upfront) R680


Mole Mapping

The best Method for early detection of malignant melanoma R850


DNA Testing

Geneway labs
Diet, Health, Skin, Sport, Combination or Pharmacogenetics Testing From R3220
Skin Rejuvenation Technologies – Delta labs Diet, Health, Skin, Breast Cancer or Hormone Testing From R2750


Slender Wonder

Medical Weight loss program

Month one Start-up and detox R3030
Every month thereafter R2630


Cellulite Contouring

QMS Anti-Cellulite Contouring – Course of 10 Treatments with G5 for thigh area R5000
QMS Anti-Cellulite Contouring – Course of 10 Treatments with G5 for tummy/buttocks/upper arm area R4000

Permanent Make-up

Microblading – Semi-Permanent Brows Including 6 week follow-up treatment R2450
Microblading -Colour Boost Colour fill (every 12 to 18 months) R850
Eyeliner – Top & Bottom Including 6 week follow-up treatment R2450
Eyeliner – Top   OR   Bottom Including 6 week follow-up treatment R1450
Full lip shading Including 6 week follow-up treatment R2900

Body Health

Body Stat Analysis On our InBody Scale R130
G5 – 30 minutes Circulation treatment R330
Pay for 10 upfront and get 2 free R3300
QMS Beautiful Back treatment A “facial” for your back R460


Visia Assessment

Complexion Analysis Consultation R340


Laser Limelight

Pigmented & Vascular Lesions

A Visia assessment is required before any laser treatments

Face R2950 Face & Neck R3810
Chest R3750 Neck & Chest R4560
Neck R1290 Face, Neck & Chest R7180
Full Arms R5200 Shoulders R1290
Half Arms R3810 Hands R1290
Scalp R1290 Face & Scalp R3810
Back R7490

Above prices are per session
Price on request for other areas


Laser Genesis

Collagen Production; Onychomycosis (nail fungus); Scarring

Face R1010 Toe/finger nail fungus – Single treatment R560
Chest R1510 Toe/finger nail fungus – Course of 3 treatments R1460
Neck R510 Scar Revision R600
Face & Neck R1510

Above prices are per session
Price on request for other areas


Laser ND YAG

Specific treatments of Thread veins, warts, hemangiomas (growths of blood vessels) & sebborheic keratosis


Treatment of warts From R550 Spot Treatments – minimum charge R440
Veins per 15 minutes R870

Above prices are per session

Laser Titan

Collagen Induction and Tightening


Laser Prowave

Hair Removal

Between Brows R430 Half Arms R1350
Bikini – Pantyline R860 Half Back – Top and shoulders R3220
Bikini – G-String R1080 Half Back – Middel to waist R2150
Bikini – Brazillian R1240 Half Face R1080
Bikini – Full R1350 Half Legs – Above knee (three quarter) R2680
Buttocks R1990 Half Legs – Below knee R2150
Chest R2360 Knees R860
Feet R810 Neck R1350
Forehead R810 Nose R440
Full Arms from R1710 Partial Chin R600
Full Back R4290 Sideburns R650
Full Chin R1030 Under Arms R860
Full Face R1350 Upper Lip R440
Full Legs – Male R5950 Umbilical R600
Full Legs – Female R5200

Above prices are per session
Price on request for other areas


Stockists of Dermamelan

Highly effective in treating hormonal pigmentation

Consultation essential



Skin Needling – aims to tighten, lift & rejuvenate skin

Excellent for treating acne, stretchmarks & trauma scarring


Face, Neck & Chest R1800

Above prices are per treatment
Price on request for other areas


Chemical Peels

To improve skin texture and appearance


Skin Tech Easy Droxy Peel R980 Envisage Signature Peel (incl a hydration treatment 7 days later) R1350
Skin Tech Phytic Peel R650 Lactifirm Peel R710
TCA 15% Peel (incl hydration treatment 7 days later) R1500 Dermaplaining R700


Face Treatments

Indulgent and pampering, yet treating your skin condition


QMS Sensitive Skin Re-Balance R600 QMS De-Puff R900
QMS Deep Pore Cleanse R740 QMS Neo Tissudermie R1060
QMS Activator R770 Mesoestetic Hydration Treatment R600
QMS Collagen Rejuvenation R860 Teenage Deep Cleanse R330


Combination Treatments

High tech skincare unique to Envisage

Dermaflash – very indulgent & hydrating R2210
Revive – hi tech skin care R2060
Genesis Peel – quick rebalance R1160
Decongest – clarifying for the acne prone skin R700
Dermaclear – acne treatment R900
PhotoD Peel – hydration and anti-aging R860
PhotoD Genesis – dermal firming R860
Polished – instant glow R450
Eye Rejuvenation – for fine lines and dark circles R590
Eye Rejuvenation -10% off for 5 treatments paid upfront R2655

Manicures & Pedicures

Some time out to treat the hands or feet


Gel application – hands or feet R290 Envisage Signature Pedicure R260
Gel Soak off (if applied elsewhere or when having a gel break) R100 Envisage Signature Pedicure with Gel R350
Cut & Paint (nail varnish) R100 Envisage Signature Manicure R210
Men’s cut & file (hands or feet) R75 Envisage Signature Manicure with Gel R310
MediHeel – Treatment Only R290 MediHeel Pedicure R360
MediHeel Pedicure with Gel R430



To unwind, you choose the intensity


30 minutes R310 45 minutes R380
60 minutes R460


Waxing & Tinting

Brow/lip/chin/ear/nose/sideburns R65 Combo – Brow wax, tint & Lash Tint R200
3/4 Leg R190 Combo – Brow & Lash Tint R150
Back R160 Combo – Brow wax & Tint R130
Bikini – Pantyline R140 Combo – Brow & Lip wax R120
Bikini – G-String R170 Combo – Lip & Chin wax R120
Bikini – Full R210 Combo – Brow, Lip & Chin R170
Chest R140 Brow Tint R75
Forearm R110 Lash Tint R85
Full Arm R150 Full Leg – Ladies R220
Full Face (excl brows) R180 Full Leg – Men R270
Underarm R100 Half Leg R170