Princess Threads

The best and easiest technique for skin rejuvenation and lifting is LEAD FINE LIFT (LFL), a premium lifting thread made of PDO (Polydioxanone) which is absorbed after proliferating collagen and by stimulating fibroblasts.

Range What is it for
LFL (Lead Fine Lift) Basic Face and body skin firming, Face shape contouring, Periorbital area rejuvenation, Correction of wrinkles/ lines, Lip recontouring, Tightening of the medial part of the neck, Customised applications (treatment for muscles, lipolysis, acupuncture) and Body contouring.
LFL (Lead Fine Lift) Screw Double chin correction, Eyebrow lifting, Correction of linear wrinkles by internal volumising, Improvement of a nasolabial triangle structure, Face shape correction and Body contouring.
LFL (Lead Fine Lift) Anchor Face lifting and contouring, Deep and fine wrinkle improvement, Body contouring and Customized applications.