Geneway – because genes matter

Before you get demotivated and give up on a healthier lifestyle, get your genes tested! Your genetic information provides the final link to help your doctor, dietician and trainer create a personalised health and weight management plan that incorporates your habits, environment and nutritional needs. Let your DNA tell you what your body needs and get your DNA tested now.

Range What is it for
GENERENEW™ Anti-ageing (e.g. longevity, skin sensitivity, detoxification and DNA repair). This test will give you an indication of your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and certain reagents or creams, also give advice on skin care product that you should avoid. Collagen synthesis for firmness and elasticity.
GENESPORT™ Athletic Potential: Does your athletic ability lie with Power/strength (anaerobic) & endurance (aerobic) sports, what is your overall risk of Injury and how well does your body recovery after strenuous exercise, including nutritional, training and exercise recommendations, based on your bodies responsiveness to exercise.
GENEDIET™ Overweight (obesity) Risk, how to manage your weight , along with a recommended Diet Plan, based on your genes (e.g. carbohydrate and/or fat sensitivity), addictive traits, ‘sweet tooth’, fat breakdown, exercise response during weight loss and others)
GENEWELL™ Health & Wellness, Pharmacogenetics (which drugs can/can’t you use) & general Cancer Risk based on your bodies detoxification ability (e.g.diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, blood clotting, bone health, lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, salt sensitivity, medications metabolism, estrogen, inflammation and others)
GENECOMBO™ Tests all the above (60 genes)